Seamless Virtual Meetings with Zoom Integration

Reshaping Shareholder Relations for the Post-Pandemic World

AGM Connect directly integrates with Zoom to provide a seamless meeting experience that enables shareholders and directors to meet face-to-face or by audio, directly within the platform. No need to switch between apps, meetings are conducted with minimal disruption.

For Directors, Presenters & Hosts

Is there an opportunity to have a demo of the system so we can become familiar with the platform?

Yes, we can arrange demos, please contact us at or fill out the form by clicking here.

Yes. We recommend two “formal” run-throughs: 1) with the individual(s) responsible for the agenda, script, etc. to formalize our AGM planning. This would typically be after Record Date and ~ 4 weeks prior to the meeting date; and 2) with the “participants” – those who will be actively running the AGM, speaking, presenting, etc. This would be ~ one week prior to the meeting date.

We have telephone, email and chat support actively engaged from two hours prior to the meeting time through to 30 minutes following the end of the event. This support can assist shareholders and guests with logging in, registering, in-meeting voting and any connection (audio, video, etc) issues. Prior to the meeting, we have telephone and email support for pre-meeting/proxy voting from the date of mailing to cut-off of pre-meeting/proxy voting.

AGM Connect is a service provided by Grove Capital & Grove Corporate Services Ltd. in conjunction with Capital Transfer Agency. Grove has 9 full-time staff and several part-time associates as well as Securities legal counsel available to address any process-related issues or questions that may arise. Capital Transfer has a staff compliment of ~ 7 in their Toronto office, plus additional support as required from their Virginia and Nevada offices.

Grove has been in business since 2003. We provide Corporate Secretarial, Finance & Accounting and admin support to small-cap public & private companies in Canada and Internationally. Grove has approximately 30 clients on retainer. I am the Founder and Principal of Grove and have 20+ years of corporate management and capital markets experience.

Capital Transfer was founded in 2004 and is based in Toronto. The company was acquired in ~2012/13 by Pacific Stock Transfer. Capital Transfer would likely be perhaps the 4th or 5th largest transfer agency in Canada, serving over 200 public companies in Canada.

We have hosted and managed AGMs for over 15 years. Moving to a virtual platform has been completed on a “needs must” basis, if you will, but is something that we have been working on for nearly a year. AGM Connect is the launch of this virtual platform and currently we are contracted for nearly 20 AGMs in June alone. If you wish to speak to a client, I will be happy to provide you with contact information.

Yes, we will have a list of registered users who attend the call.

Yes participants can join by phone, however they will be in a “listen-only’ mode and will not be able to chat or engage with the company/moderator.

For Shareholders, Members & Participants

A Virtual AGM is an Annual General Meeting of shareholders which is held virtually, with no need for a physical location. By using the AGM CONNECT app, Shareholders join the meeting using unique control numbers, and have the ability to cast their votes while simultaneously participating in the AGM.

If you are a registered shareholder of the company at the record date, you will receive an invitation to join the AGM by mail along with your proxy and company materials. The information will instruct you how to login and use the app.

Yes – However, you will need to vote in advance by proxy, and engagement will be limited.

When you log in to the Virtual AGM in the AGM CONNECT App you will have two pop ups appear: one for the Zoom video presentation, and the second will be a Linkstar tab showing the resolutions and voting options. You are able to vote all options at anytime, or, you can wait for the options to be read out live during the AGM and vote when indicated during the presentation. You can change your vote any time prior to the passing of the resolution, with the most recent vote being counted.

If the AGM allows for a follow up Q&A, the moderator will explain the options available to ask a question. These will be either by using the Chat feature to type a question to the moderator directly, or, indicating to the moderator you would like to ask a question and your audio will be temporarily unmuted.

You can email us at or call 416-350-5007 anytime prior to or during the meeting for any technical questions.

Yes, we use Zoom for the presentation portion of the AGM. If you don’t already have zoom downloaded you will prompted when you login to the AGM Connect App.

No, when you join the meeting all participants video/audio will be turned to OFF, with the exception of the presenting Board of Directors.

Speak With An Advisor

Let AGM Connect take the stress and complications out of organizing your next upcoming meeting.

Call +1.416.642.1807



Nicholas has recently joined Grove and has 10 years’ experience in the areas of investor relations, marketing and corporate development. Nicholas specializes in advising private start-up and public junior/micro cap companies.



Jessica has worked for Grove for 12 years, serving in the areas of finance, administration and investor relations. Based in the United Kingdom, Jessica manages relationships in the UK and Europe, as well as providing hands-on accounting management to several Grove clients. Jessica is an honours graduate of the University of Calgary and is proficient in written and oral communications, accounting (SAGE and QuickBooks) and corporate affairs.



Catherine has worked for Grove for over ten years, as Manager of Corporate Affairs. She holds a degree in geology from the University of Toronto and is a highly experienced Corporate Secretary. For the past 15 years, she has provided corporate secretarial and administrative management services to numerous publicly-listed companies on the TSX, CSE and ASX, as well as private small-cap and exploration companies. Catherine’s familiarity with National Instrument and JORC policies of Canada and Australia enables her to ensure that companies avoid any potential pitfalls of non-compliance with their regulatory and corporate filings, in a cost efficient manner.



Stephen started the Corporate Services arm of Grove in 2018 and is founder and Principal of Grove Capital Group, a merchant banking group specializing in the incubation and development of entrepreneurial businesses. He has spent over 20 years in the small-cap and natural resources sectors in Canada, the US and the United Kingdom. He has served as Chairman or CEO of numerous public companies and currently serves as advisor to and/or director of, several public and private small-cap companies. Stephen specializes in financial structuring, business development, communications and market finance, thereby creating successful strategic relationships. A graduate of Kings College at Western University in London, Canada, Stephen serves as a Trustee of Lakefield College School and works extensively with several charitable and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and the UK.