Virtual AGM Platform for Canadian Companies

AGM Connect is Canadian-owned & operated, based in Toronto, and is partnered with established & experienced support partners across Canada. Our Virtual AGM platform is custom-tailored for today's changing world, allowing you to meet regulatory and exchange requirements while increasing shareholder engagement. AGM Connect allows you to conduct annual meetings online, authenticate attendees and enable validated shareholders to submit questions and vote their shares online at the annual meeting.

AGM Hosting & Management

AGM Connect provides a virtual venue for businesses to conduct their meetings. Our team of experienced industry professionals provide a variety of meeting management and hosting support, to ensure your business’ meetings complete all obligations.

AGM Reporting & Analytics

The generated data is the keystone of the AGM process. AGM-C works in concert with our partners and yours to gather and compile shareholder and meeting analytics into easy to understand, straightforward reports.

Shareholder Authentication

Ensuring that your shareholders are properly identified and authenticated as legitimate Registered Shareholders or appointed Proxy holders is a key feature of AGM Connect. This allows secure voting and results you can trust.

Shareholder Engagement

AGM Connect is an effective and efficient way for companies to leverage benefits from their annual meetings. Engage with your shareholders and prospective investors by including operational updates, investor presentations and/or shareholder Q&A sessions following the formal business of the AGM.

Online Voting

Streamline the voting process and seamlessly integrate proxy voting data with scalable electronic or mobile voting, providing instant polling results.

Zoom Integration

AGM Connect integrates directly with Zoom, providing a centralized meeting experience that enables shareholders and directors to meet face-to-face or by audio. Through a custom meeting page, AGM Connect provides direct meeting access seamlessly with a single click.

Reshape Shareholder Relations

Gone are the days of standard board meetings! AGM-C provides a medium to ensure your business meetings stay relevant in today’s changing, digital world. Through AGM-C’s various meeting services, business leaders can now seamlessly engage with their shareholders and investors based on their unique requirements.
In-Person AGM

An in-person AGM solution allows you to host physical meetings. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in hosting, managing and scrutineering AGMs, ensuring a success event.

Virtual-Only AGM

A virtual-only AGM is a meeting that takes place exclusively using online technology, without a corresponding in-person meeting. Our platform enables electronic communication, questions, voting and engagement, similar to a physical meeting.

Hybrid AGM

A hybrid meeting solution allows your shareholders to opt between attending at the meeting’s physical location, or being involved remotely from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Features & Benefits

Virtual Shareholder Meetings

Use technology to facilitate shareholder engagement.

  • Control Meeting Access
  • Validate Shareholders/Attendees
  • Allow Shareholders to Vote
  • Convenience
  • Ease and Security
  • Customised Meeting Pages
  • Online Validation and Voting
  • Facilitate Shareholder Proposals
  • Manage Interactive Q&A
  • Address Physical Distancing
  • Engage New Demographics
  • Dashboard and Meeting Controls
  • Audio and Video Meeting Formats

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